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Network Data Services RFP #22-013Opened  11/02/22 
Voice Services RFP #22-014Opened11/02/22  
 Scanning Services IFB #22-017Awarded 03/08/23 Official Tab
 Food Service for Lancaster County Prison IFB #22-015Awarded 01/25/23 Official Tab
 Case Management Software RFP #22-022Opened11/16/22  
 Road Pipes, Highway Inlet Boxes, Grates, & Frames IFB #22-024
Awarded  01/18/23 Official Tab
Children and Youth Triple P Positive Parenting RFP #23-001Opened02/15/23
Chemicals - Water, Pool, & Sewage Treatment IFB #23-008Rejected02/08/23Unofficial Tab
Senior Center RFP #23-002Posted01/19/23
Hispanic Senior Centers RFP #23-003Posted01/19/23
Congregate Meals RFP #23-004Posted01/19/23
In-Home Services RFP #23-005Posted01/19/23
PERS - Medicine Dispenser RFP #23-006Posted01/19/23
Food Service for Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center RFP #23-007Posted02/23/23
Chemicals - Water, Pool, & Sewage Treatment IFB #23-019Opened03/08/23Unofficial Tab
Design Team Services RFP #23-009Posted03/09/23
Homemaker Program RFP #23-018Posted03/16/23
Elevator Maintenance Repair Services IFB #23-017 Posted3/23/2023
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