Bids, Proposals & Quotes

Purchasing Listing System
The Purchasing Listing System is designed to allow interested parties the ability to view County of Lancaster Invitation for Bids (IFB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ), and Request for Information (RFI) from a centralized location.

There are two distinct formal bids/proposals issued by the Purchasing Department:

Invitation for Bids will be awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder meeting the required specifications. Vendors are cautioned when completing the bid form that all instructions given in the IFB must be followed and must be returned to the Controller’s Office by the local time specified on the bid document. IFB’s are open at 11:00 AM on the due date and are read into public record. Late or improperly delivered IFB’s will not be considered. 

Request for Proposal will be awarded after an evaluation of the response to the scope of work and pricing combined. An RFP is not automatically awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible vendor. When responding to an RFP, vendors should answer all scope of work questions fully to the best of their ability, as those responses will be weighted in the evaluation process. Vendors should complete all forms and submit all documentation as outlined in the RFP. RFP’s are opened at the time noted within the RFP and responses should be delivered to the Purchasing Office by the stated deadline. The proposal opening is open to the public but only the name and address of the responding vendor will be read into the public record.

In the event that the Lancaster County Government Center, 150 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA is closed on the day a bid or proposal is due, the due date and time will be extended by one (1) business day at the same time as originally stated in the IFB / RFP documents.  If the county facility at 150 North Queen Street is closed for multiple days, the deadline would be extended to the first day the facility reopens at the same time as originally stated in the IFB / RFP documents.

If the Lancaster County Government Center has a delayed opening, the deadline for submission of bids or proposals will be extended by the same number of hours of the delayed opening.

Please note all due dates are Eastern Standard Time (EST). It is the policy of the County of Lancaster Purchasing Department to only release all bid or proposal documents in PDF format. 

The County of Lancaster also utilizes Public Purchase for advertising its needs. There is no cost to vendors to register.