Purchasing Policy Statement

The purchasing of goods and services required by the County of Lancaster, regardless of fund sources, shall be exercised by the Purchasing Department and/or the Board of Commissioners under the provisions of the Class 2A County Code.

The Purchasing Department is responsible, at the direction of the Board of Commissioners, for making the most economical acquisition of quality goods and services to assure efficient operation of County Government. The Department strives to foster participation of all businesses offering goods and services that may be used by the county.

The Purchasing Department issues all county purchase orders and oversees the county warehouse, mail room and printing operations.

Vendors are permitted to visit County Departments upon authorization from the Purchasing Department. However, vendors must recognize that such visits may be informational only. Departments are not authorized to enter into contracts or place purchase orders directly with the vendor. It is highly suggested vendors make direct contact with the Purchasing Office for an appointment.

SCAM WARNING: All suppliers of the County of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA, be warned that there have been a number of false bids and false purchase orders for cell phones, computers and IT equipment have been sent out by scammers who are posing as the County of Lancaster or as the Director of Purchasing for the County of Lancaster.  It is suggested that bids or purchase orders for this type of equipment which you receive be confirmed by this office to be authentic.

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