Homestead / Farmstead Exclusion

Act 1 of 2006 (formerly Act 72) is the Homeowner Tax Relief Act. Its goal is to reduce school district reliance on the real property tax, to be achieved by putting in place new funding options, including local personal or earned income taxes and funds derived from gaming. The reduction in property taxes is achieved by applying these new funds to the homestead and farmstead exclusions.

How to Apply

To apply for homestead / farmstead exclusions, fill out the application and mail it to:
Lancaster County Board of Assessment Appeals
150 N. Queen St.
Suite 310
Lancaster, PA 17603

Enrollment  Deadline is March 1

Voluntary Waiver for Non-Primary Residence

Faxed applications will not be accepted.

Additional Information

For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions. Also, check the Assessment Online Information (wEdge) to see if your property is enrolled in the homestead / farmstead exclusion.

Request an Application

To request an application, please contact your local school district: