County Sales Data

The Lancaster County Property Assessment Office now offers real estate sales information for purchase, via data files. There are two ways to purchase the information:

  • Purchase an entire prior year’s worth of sales at one time beginning with 2008 (for example, all of 2008 sales).
  • Purchase a year’s worth of sales and receive them each month, approximately 2 to 3 weeks after that month has ended. The monthly subscription would begin as of January 1 of the current calendar year and include all of the sales through December 31. If you purchase this after January, you will receive each month of sales up through the current month at the time of purchase.

The price for both the prior year’s sales file and the monthly subscription files is $300. You can request to have the data emailed to you, uploaded to an FTP site, or it can be sent to you on a CD.

  • Once you receive  data files, refunds cannot be issued.

File Format

The file format is a Tab delimited text file. It contains the following fields: Account Number, Instrument Number, Land Use Code, District / Ward, House Number, House Pre-Directional, Street Name, Street Type, Street Post-Directional, Unit Type, Unit Number, Sale Date, Sale Price, Assessment, Tax Stamp, Role (Grantor / Grantee, etc.), Last Name, and First Name.

Purchase Request

If you are interested in purchasing sales data files, please fill out a request form with your contact information and state if you would like a prior year’s sales or if you would like a monthly subscription to the current year’s sales information. Please include a check for $300 payable to Lancaster County Property Assessment. Also, please note if you would prefer to have the files emailed to you or sent to you on a CD. If you would like to have the files emailed, please include your email address on your request.

This request should be mailed to:

Lancaster County Property Assessment Office

Attn: Kevin Edwards

150 N. Queen St.

Suite 310

Lancaster, PA 17603

Or if you wish to make your purchase online, please  email your request form to  you will receive an invoice within 3 business days to complete your online purchase. 

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