GIS Division

GIS logoThe Geographic Information System (GIS) Division of the Lancaster County Information Technology Department is responsible for acquiring, maintaining, and distributing spatial data for Lancaster County.
The division functions as the backbone of county GIS by providing spatial data products and services to county departments, as well as to the general public.

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Subscribe to our Advanced Parcel Viewing Application

As of Monday, March 6th, LanCo View+ requires a subscription to access the application.

If you would like to subscribe, please visit the GIS Product Online Order Form to get started on your subscription ($75 through Dec. 31, 2023) for a new LanCo View Plus account.

Note:  Your new account login is not created automatically.  The GIS staff will create your account and contact you within three days with your login information.  Please note, a valid email address is required for a subscription account.

  • Municipal & Government Users:  Please fill out our Municipal User Details form in order to receive a LanCo View Plus login - there is no need to fill out the GIS Product Online Order Form. The information will be verified by GIS Staff prior to creation, so please allow up to 3 days before being contacted.

 For more information, and to access the application (with login credentials), click the LanCo View PLUS tab on the left side. 

LanCo View 2.0 - Property Search

Lancaster County Viewer 2.0 is still free and available for all users if you do not want to pay a subscription for the PLUS version.  The link can be found on the right side and here: LanCo View 2.0.

Parcel Viewer and Data CDs are no longer being created

The 2022 Q4 Parcel Viewer CD was the last release and no more will be created.  We will no longer distribute CDs after April 2023 and support will end in mid-summer.

Data CDs will be still be available until our HUB Site features Data Download, however please be aware that the CDs also contain 2022 Q4 Data and will not be updated.

If you need a Parcel Viewer or Data CD, please contact as purchasing through the Order Form is no longer possible.