GIS Data

Data Information

Lancaster County data sets originated and are maintained by the IT/GIS, PlanningProperty Assessment, and Lancaster County-Wide Communications departments of Lancaster County. The county distributes both vector and raster data sets to the public. Vector layers are generally provided in ESRI shapefile or DXF file formats. Raster data sets are provided in geospatially referenced TIFF or JPG formats.

Data layers were created from aerial photography (scale varies depending on layer). These data are intended for use at a 1:2,400 or smaller scale and conform to National Mapping Accuracy Standards of planimetric and topographic mapping data at a design scale of 1 inch equals 200 feet.

Spatial Reference Information

Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Coordinate system: State Plane, Zone 3702
Horizontal Datum: North American Datum 1983
Vertical Datum: NAVD 1988
Units: Feet

Below are data made available in shapefile format on pre-made CDs. The hyperlinks contain available metadata. To make a data request, please see our Request Form page.

CD3 (Parcel Viewer)

CD6 - Countywide CD

pasda logo 3PASDA

Please visit the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website for Lancaster County spatial data available for download free of charge. If the data you are looking for is not on our data CDs or hosted on PASDA, please contact the GIS office at 717-391-7550.

 Below are the metadata links for data we have previously offered on CDs and are now available on PASDA:

Flood Hazard Data

Flood hazard data are maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), visit the 
FEMA website or FEMA's ArcGIS Online layer to access this data. Also available is the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) PEMA Floodplain webpage. To view your flood plain map and correlating data, please visit the PAFloodRisk webpage.
Here you can access the Flood Risk Assessment tool for your area and create your own Flood Risk Report.