Mail Policies and Procedures


Inmates are permitted to receive photographs through the mail. The inmate is not permitted to have more than five (5) photographs in their possession at one time. Any letter received that contains more than five (5) photographs will have the entire envelope and contents returned to sender. If the inmate already has five (5) photographs in his possession and receives more through the mail, it will be the inmate's responsibility to have the unwanted photographs in their possession sent out of the prison.

No Polaroid type photograph will be permitted. If a letter is received containing a Polaroid type photograph, the entire envelope and contents will be returned to sender. 

All photographs will not be larger than 5" x 7"

Photograph collages are acceptable, as long as they meet the 5" x 7" size requirements. 

Pornography, nudity, and sexually explicit material are prohibited.



Pages may NOT contain crayon, paint, lipstick, or any other foreign substance.

Pages may NOT contain dried liquid, including perfume.

Pages may NOT be larger than 8 1/2" x 11"

A card may NOT be larger than 8 1/2" x 11"

A card may NOT have mechanical moving parts, music box, plastic panels, or several layers glued together.

Envelopes may NOT contain more than five (5) pages of internet material.

Cash and personal checks are prohibited.

Pages may NOT have items affixed by some type of adhesive or lamination.

Glitter of any kind is prohibited.

Post-It type notes are prohibited.

Gang related signs, symbols, codes, or writings are prohibited.

Any item that is altered out of it's original form or content is prohibited.

You may NOT send an inmate items that are available for purchase from the prison's commissary such as envelopes, paper, stamps, etc.

Note: Pictures of any kind may not be sent to individuals on Restrictive Housing Status.