Money Rocks County Park

Money Rocks County Park, located near the Narvon Clay Mine, spans over 300 acres of woodland in the Welsh Mountains of eastern Lancaster County.

Rock Outcroppings & Natural Surroundings
The pride of the park is a rocky spine of boulders called Money Rocks, so-named because farmers in the Pequea Valley allegedly hid cash among the rocks. The ridge offers beautiful views of farmland, towns, and distant wooded hills. Cockscomb is another appropriately named outcropping of rocks a bit farther along the ridge. In the winter, the view from this precipice is equal to that of Money Rocks.
These lines of boulders are spectacular. The rocks are patched with lichens, mosses, and ferns. Black birch trees dominate the surrounding woodland with a thick understory of mountain laurel, Pennsylvania's state flower. Ruffed grouse, the state bird, also lives here.

The Welsh Mountains harbor the second-largest continuous forest left in Lancaster County, superseded only by Furnace Hills. Money Rocks County Park preserves a nice part of that forest, which is in various stages of natural plant succession. A network of mining and logging dirt roads makes much of this wooded park accessible to nature lovers.

Money Rocks Main Parking Lot

936 Narvon Rd. Narvon, PA 17555

Latitude               Longitude

40.095362            -75.981934

From New Holland:

Take Route 23 East to Route 322 East. Turn right and follow Route 322 East for four miles to Narvon Road. Take a right onto Narvon Road for one mile. The parking lot is on the right, across from Alexander Drive.