Requesting Records

Please Note Effective July 1, 2021archives record fees will increase to $5.00 for 20 copies/images.  Each additional image or copy requested will be .50 cents.

For birth certificates contact the PA Department of Vital Records:  
PA Vital Records  or call (724) 656-3100.  

Send us an email with your request:  Prepayment of all records requests is required and records can be emailed directly to you.  Credit card payment can be made over the phone:  (717) 299-8319.  
There is a $5.00 minimum charge for credit card payments made over the phone.  

Archives Records Request Policy and Procedures:

  • All requests for records must be submitted via email or by US Mail.  Please provide as much information as possible and include all references as found in the online indexes.
  • Prepayment of records is required before photocopies and/or electronic documents will be provided to the requester.
  • Photocopies of records are $0.25 per page plus any postage charges.
  • Electronic images of historical records on microfilm will be emailed at a cost of $0.25 per image.   
  • Records in a specialized format, such as records in large docket books, may be provided at a cost of $1.00 per image and may require additional processing time.
  • Electronic files that exceed the capacity for requester’s email account may not be available via email.  Requester will be notified and alternate arrangements made.
  • All electronic records will be sent in PDF format only.
  • Archives staff will email electronic copies of microfilmed records to visitors upon their request at the same rate per image as outside requests.  
  • Archives may redact information that is considered a violation of privacy laws.
  • The archives staff cannot perform in-depth research but will check available indexes for names during a given time period.
  • Thumb drives or any USB-related devices are not permitted on Archives public computers.
  • Please allow 48 business hours for Archives staff to respond to research requests.
Search our historical index page and send us an email with your request.   

Online Credit Payment Option

After you receive an invoice amount from archives staff click on the below link for the online credit card payment option.  There may be a delay until we receive notification of credit payment.   

Credit Card Payment