Bridge Capital Improvement Plan

Lancaster County owns and maintains 60 bridges throughout the County.  You will find our bridges are built using a variety of construction methods, which include: concrete arch, prestressed concrete, reinforced concrete, steel girder, steel truss, steel stringer, steel truss/girder, arched culvert,  stone masonry arch and wooden covered bridges. 

Each of our bridges are inspected every two years at a minimum.  During the inspection process each bridge is given an overall rating based on a variety of items that are checked. The ratings of each bridge are then plugged into our Bridge Capital Improvement Plan to help guide us in identifying and funding major bridge repairs and replacement projects.  

The Bridge Capital Improvement Plan is presented to the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners at a public meeting every two years. 

Below are slides from the 2021 Bridge Capital Improvement Plan presentation that was made during the March 31, 2021 Board of Commissioners public meeting.  You can access the video of this meeting by clicking this link: 

In the below slides you will see how our bridges conditions have improved from 2010 when we began our Bridge Capital Improvement Plan.

  In 2010 over half of our bridges were in poor condition. We will enter 2022 with only four bridges remaining to be improved.