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The Mental Health Program serves children with serious emotional disturbance and adults with serious mental illness who reside in Lancaster County, PA. We receive referrals from individuals, families and providers who are requesting assistance with mental health services and support. The adult and/or child’s family must be in agreement with the referral. A referral can be made by contacting our offices at 717-393-0421.


The Mental Health Program will complete an intake assessment with the individual and/or child's family. Eligibility will be determined following that meeting.  An eligible person will be assigned to a Case Manager who will work with them to access services, provide additional resources, and ensure the quality of any mental health services received. The Case Manager will also seek to help resolve any problems individuals may face regarding their services.

Most mental health services are paid for by public or private insurance. In certain situations, the Mental Health Program will assist in paying for treatment for individuals open with case management services.


Mental Health Program


1120 Frances Avenue Lancaster, PA 17601

      Telephone: 717-393-0421  Fax: 717-299-7968

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency that requires immediate attention, 

please contact Crisis Intervention at 717-394-2631.