Employment Opportunities  

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General Application Information 

Please carefully read all application directions and complete the application in full to avoid disqualification for hire.  “See Resume” will not be accepted as an answer to a required field.  Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications of a position to be considered for hire.  The County of Lancaster is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Information Needed to Complete the Application

  • Email Address and Personal Contact Information 
  • Work History 
    • Employer Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers
    • Employment Dates
    • Hours Worked per Week
    • Starting and Ending Wages
    • Supervisor Name and Phone Number 
    • Job Responsibilities
  • Education 
    • Education Level
    • Names and Address of Schools/Universities
    • Number of Years Completed
    • Degree(s) Earned
    • Anticipated Graduation Date if Still Enrolled
  • References 
    • Three (3) Professional References Required (No Family or Friends)
    • Reference Names, Job Titles, Employers, Phone Numbers (Address Optional)
  • Names of Any Relatives that work for the County of Lancaster
  • Military Service 
    • Branch, Dates of Service, DD-214 if available, and Discharge status)
  • Details of any suspension of your driver’s license (dates, reasons, convictions, dispositions)
  • Pleas of Guilt, Convictions for Misdemeanors or Felonies (Dates, Reasons, Charges, Dispositions)
  • Details of your Qualifications for the Position
  • If Applicable, any required Transcripts, Licenses, or Certifications
  • Optional: Cover Letter and Resume

The County of Lancaster offers comprehensive benefits to our employees.  Read more about our benefits here.

Applicants are welcome to complete electronic employment applications at the

County of Lancaster Human Resources Department

150 N Queen St, Suite 312

 Lancaster, PA  17603


Email Address 

 (Business hours:  Monday-Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Applicants may request an accommodation due to disability to apply and/or interview for a position with the County of Lancaster. Please contact the Human Resources Department to request an accommodation.