Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association

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The Mission and Purpose of the 

Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association

  • To encourage cooperation among all law enforcement agencies and to champion uniform legislative actions in an effort to keep up with the professional landscape of law enforcement

  • Encourage and enhance training and education for all law enforcement agencies we serve

  • To strive to continually better the communities we serve through social and civic activities aimed at fostering positive law enforcement community ties

  • Create and maintain proper standards for professional and efficient law enforcement

NOW HIRING! Applications for the 2017 Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Consortium Hiring Test for Police Officer will be available May 21st, 2017. All applications must be completed by August 18th and all paperwork must be submitted by August 25th. The test dates are September 9th and 10th, 2017. For more information and to complete an application go to

Testing requirements:
Applicants for the position of “Police Officer” must demonstrate a fitness level that would allow them to perform the essential job functions of a police officer.  Applicants must perform each of the following exercises in accordance with the indicated standards. If an applicant fails one event, they fail the entire test and will not advance to the written test.  

1. Vertical Jump – 15.5 inches
2. Sit-ups – 30 correct sit-ups must be performed to pass this test.
3. Push-ups - 25 correct push-ups must be performed to pass this test.
4. 300 Meter Run - Applicant will run 300 meters on a level surface within 66 seconds.
5. 1.5 Mile Run - Applicant will run a level 1.5 mile course within 15 minutes 54 seconds.

This test battery uses the National Law Enforcement Test Battery, which has proven validity and safety.  This battery of events is also known as the Cooper test, and is used in several hundred law enforcement agencies nationwide.  The events chosen have undergone court scrutiny and are accepted as being job related and construct valid. 

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