The Lancaster County Prison is currently undergoing several I.T. upgrades.
During this period you may experience some delays when calling for information.
We appreciate your patience!!

Suicide Hotline:        717-664-LIFE (5433)
PREA Hotline:          1-866-823-6703

Friends and family members of an inmate are encouraged to report any suspicion that the inmate is a victim or perpetrator of sexual abuse or harassment by calling the PREA Hotline.


Effective March 1, 2016
Money orders WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED in the Prison lobby. Money orders will still be accepted through the mail. No personal checks are accepted.

Money can be deposited on to commissary accounts by visiting: or using the kiosk located in the prison lobby (cash, credit, or debit)

Money can be deposited on to phone accounts by visiting:


Change in inmate clothing exchange procedure, click here