To contact any of these staff, please call: 717-399-7355.

Director of Developmental Services
Vicki Bricker

Director of Administrative Entity
Tania Hripto

Director of Supports Coordination
Jennifer Burnette

Intellectual Disabilities Program Planner/Evaluators
Al Gantz 
Jill Martin
Kelly Phelan 
Connie Pyle  
Carolyn Saulnier

Intellectual Disabilities Unit Supervisors
Danielle Brodhecker  
Ian Gebhard  
Krista Longacre  
Joe Morgan  
Nathan Rowe
Christine Tobin

      Intellectual Disability Program   
150 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 Suite 515
      Telephone: 717-399-7355  Fax: 717-209-3064

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency that requires immediate attention, 
please contact Crisis Intervention at  717-394-2631.